Wardell was the standout performer in the grand final

Ghost pass through Rogue to earn DreamHack Masters Stockholm berth

Josh "steel" Nissan and friends have qualified for their first LAN as a unit.

Josh "steel" Nissan and Ghost have completed a near-flawless run in the DreamHack Masters Stockholm Closed Qualifier, which has seen them qualify for the main event in Sweden. The newly-minted squad surrendered only two maps against opposing teams.

Three of the teams, Ghost, compLexity, and eUnited, played at least portions of the qualifier from LAN. Ghost from their organization office, and the latter two from Esports Arena, where all three will be participating in the ZOTAC Cup Masters Americas Regional Finals this weekend.

The grand final of the qualifier saw a rematch from earlier in the bracket, pitting Ghost against Rogue. Across two close maps, the Ghost trio of steel, Matthew "Wardell" Bowman, and Kenneth "koosta" Suen helped bring them over the line and notch another 2-0 against Spencer "Hiko" Martin's men.

The nearly complete team list for DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 is as follows, with just the Asian representatives left to be determined.

Denmark Astralis FaZe
Sweden Fnatic Gambit
Brazil mibr mousesports
NaVi Sweden NiP
Denmark North United States NRG
HellRaisers Denmark OpTic
Heroic Canada Ghost
Qualifier World Asia Qualifier

DreamHack Masters Stockholm will be held at the end of August, and have $250,000 on the line. Ghost will be seen in LAN action this weekend at the ZOTAC Cup Masters, taking place in Santa Ana, California.

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