oSee and Jonji qualify for FPL, five move up to FPL-C

Check out who secured spots in FPL-C this month.

The second FPL and FPL Challenger qualifiers have concluded, with Josh "oSee" Ohm from Gorilla Gang and Jonathan "Jonji" Carey securing thier spots in the FACEIT Pro League. miLLe, borz_yo, agonyexe, zander, and 7112 also topped the FPL-C qualifier and have been promoted to FPL-C as a result.

The closest player from the Western Pro League was cole, who placed 11th in the FPL-C qualifier. Notably, In0X, bruh2gud, fows, and Reck also all placed in the top 30 of the qualifier. After the first day of the qualifer, cole and fows actually placed in the top five.

Here are the top 16 players from the FPL Qualifier:

Place Name Points Prize
1. United States Josh "oSee" Ohm 1080 FPL
2. Canada Jonathan "Jonji" Carey 1080 FPL
3. United States Richard "levy" Levy 1060 15000 FP
4. United States Adam "Polen" Polen 1058 10000 FP
5. Canada Nassir "rugrat" Francique 1044 8000 FP
6. United States Bryan "SkyShark" P 1042 7000 FP
7. United States Alex "aproto" Protopapas 1034 5000 FP
8. United States Liam "Welshyy" Newhouse 1034 5000 FP
9. United States Jimmy "Nurfed" McFadden 1026 5000 FP
10 United States Thomas "Axed" Ryan 1024 5000 FP
11. Canada Victor "cardiac" Kwan 1022 5000 FP
12. United States Vladislav "M16DOLLARS" Jirnov 1020 4000 FP
13. United States Ali "phantom" Sachs 1020 4000 FP
14. gmanga 1020 4000 FP
15. United States russell 1014 4000 FP
16. United States drenit 1014 4000 FP

Season 3's qualifiers will take place at the end of May, and will determine more new players to move up to FPL and FPL Challenger. The full standings can be found on FACEIT's website.

Fancy your chances against the pros and to try for a spot into FPL-C? Then head on over to the Dust2.us Western Pro League to take your shot into the big time.

NOTE: An earlier version of this article stated that only oSee had qualified for FPL.

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May 14, 2018 09:33PM
jonji didnt get moved up? what a joke
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May 14, 2018 09:38PM
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May 15, 2018 02:49PM
oSee big nutter
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