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Erik ‘KP_fps’ Lytle
Name: Erik Lytle
Level: Rookie
Nick: KP_fps
Comments: 17
Member since: 14-04-2018
Steam verified: Verified
User number: 1105
Hey, I'm King Penguin, or KP for short! Former semi-professional Call of Duty player, now trying to make it in the computer gaming world. Currently competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive under MiriFicus Gaming in ESEA Main. I love competition, and get very hyped in the heat of the moment. I do my best to entertain and interact with viewers, and hope you guys see how much I appreciate all the support. If you like CS, anime, or memes, make sure to add me!

LAN Placings:

T6 @ G4AC Sacramento (2014) (CoD)

T8 @ Classic Game Fest Austin, Texas (2015) (SSBM)

T8 @ AFKgg Netgear Summer, San Jose (2017) (CS:GO)

1st @ AFKgg Overwatch Monthly, San Jose (2017) (OW)

T8 @ AFKgg Netgear Winter, San Jose (2017) (CS:GO)
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2nd @ ESA Oakland 2,500$ (2018) (CS:GO)
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T8 @ ESA Oakland "Best of The Bay" (2018) (CS:GO)

WPL Season 2 Runner Up
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how is it allowed for strings to just play on an alt and farm open idgi
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