F1-racecar-PEEK win Dust2.us Open #3, qualify for Masters #2

Once again, the racecar have qualified for a Dust2.us Masters event.

F1-racecar-PEEK, using coach Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman as a stand-in for Samuel "smL" Bertrand, have won the first Dust2.us Masters #2 by CSGOpositive.com Open Qualifier, beating B1ueSky in the final. F1 also took down fellow MDL team Atmosphere, who also used new coach Teric "Bibby" Ingram as a stand-in for Alfonso "krZ" Fiorani.

The next qualifier, the Dust2.us Open #4, will take place one week from today, on the 17th of March. The winner of that will also receive a spot in the Dust2.us Masters #2 CSGOpositive.com  alongside F1-racecar-PEEK and the six invited teams.

Here is the current team list:

Invite Invite
Invite Invite
Invite Invite
F1-racecar-PEEK Dust2.us Open #4

Keep on the lookout during the next week for invitation announcements.

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