One More roster jumps to Take Flyte

Take Flyte have returned to ECL after a brief interlude.

One More's roster in ESL Challenger League has left the Moroccan organization to join Take Flyte, seeing the Pennsylvanian organization return to the league after their own roster jumped to Perseverance in mid-June.

The signing follows the former One More roster retaining their spot in ESL Challenger League for Season 48 after finishing ESL Challenger League Season 47 Relegation in first place ahead of OMiT. The team's swift route through Relegation was likely a confidence booster for the squad after a fairly poor debut in ESL Challenger League Season 47, with the squad finishing their first season with a 6-22 record.

With that difficult lesson behind them, the new Take Flyte roster will look to perform better in their second season, with their experience of almost a year playing together hopefully promising a steady rate of improvement.

Take Flyte are now:

  • United States Grant "serv0" Medina

  • United States Kevin "Grave" Le

  • United States Caleb "jchancE" Davis

  • United States Noah "z0mb1e" Velez

  • Sebastian "cbass" Bentancor

  • United States Frankie "Champ" Miranda (Coach)

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