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Homyno take Lan ETS 2024 over FLUFFY AIMERS mix

The French organization had a successful debut.

Just as the former Strife squad joined a new organization, Homyno from France, the roster claimed its first LAN win in Palais des Congrès de Montréal and won over $4,300.

Homyno took on FLUFFY AIMERS in the grand final after also having beaten them in the upper bracket final. Both series ended with the same result, 2-0 for the French organization. FA only featured one of its usual players, Darius "PNDLM" Bandali, as the rest of the squad was a mix with Tianyi "Fr3nk1e" He and Rudy "PALADIN" Rokin taking the spotlight.

The tournament featured 21 teams in total, with 12 advancing from the group stage to the playoffs. Four teams reached the playoffs unbeaten, with Homyno and the FLUFFY AIMERS mix being two of them.

Once there, Homyno cruised to the grand finals without dropping a single map, beating AmeneTaBlonde, Virtual St-Cyr Le Peintre, and FLUFFY AIMERS, which they would meet again the grand final after FA managed to be ArcticRatz in the lower bracket final.

Map one of the grand finals was Mirage, and things were tied at the half 6-6 before Homyno went to the T-side and managed to take the 13-10 win. The final map of the series would be Inferno and, while Mirage was close, Inferno would see an absolute blowout, as Homyno dominated with a 13-2 scoreline to win the French Canadian event.

The top four at LAN ETS 2024 consists of:

1st - Canada Homyno - (J0LZ, Melio, TENSKEE, Gabie, YuZ) - $4,381
2nd - Canada FLUFFY AIMERS - (PNDLM, PALADIN, shutout, Prevox, Fr3nk1e) - $1,825
3rd - Canada ArcticRatz - (NaRo, SarkasM, ForTiN, SwiCH, v1gues) - $1,095
4th - Canada Virtual St-Cyr Le Peintre - (BiNoX, kicking, Jord, Legumz, MxA)

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