Wolffe will look for a team like the Unjustified squad he competed with in 2023

Wolffe checks out of the Retirement Home

After two months of shuffleboard and bingo, Wolffe is ready to get back to work.

On June 16th, Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield announced his departure from Retirement Home, a mixteam of former pros that decided to come together to pug ESEA Advanced Season 49. His decision to leave the ostensibly for-fun team comes as Wolffe says he desires a return to the grind and practice that came with his former teams at the ESL Challenger League level.

Wolffe's time with Retirement Home saw the team do quite well despite their lack of practice, making ESEA Advanced Season 49 playoffs after finishing the regular season with a 10-4 record. In playoffs itself, the team faired relatively well, making it to a top-eight finish with wins over KingsOfTheNorth and Snakes Den before ultimately being eliminated by straykids.

While Wolffe is set to look for a new team, it is currently unknown what his former teammate' plans are, with Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez telling Dust2.us that they are unsure if they will play together next season.

Retirement Home are now:

  • United States Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez

  • United States Gabe "Spongey" Greiner

  • Canada Jonathan "Jonji" Carey

  • United States Peter "ptr" Gurney

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