aleph and nero's Asian excursion with Bigetron comes to an end

One of the strangest moves in a long time petered out relatively quickly.

Back in April, the North American Counter-Strike community was surprised and bemused to learn that former Rocket players, Matthew "nero" Seymour and Christopher "aleph" Froden, had been signed to Southeast Asian esports organization Bigetron's CS2 roster. While this move was much-discussed and joked about at the time, it has essentially been radio silence from the duo since then, so what's been going on? has confirmed with the duo that they left the team at the end of May and that after a brief sojourn as tourists in China they are set to return to North America to pick up where they left off post-player break.

aleph told that he and nero considered leaving the team back in early May due to differences of opinions in the team while more recently there had been problems with the organization due to the lack of tournaments in Asia. For context, nero and aleph never played a single match with Bigetron Fury on HLTV while they only posted a single event on Liquipedia. also knows that aleph and nero played another event under Malaysian organization Malaysia, Elite Peekers Ignition Season 2, however the event was suddenly canceled midway through its schedule due to integrity concerns. Bigetron Fury also competed in ESEA Open Season 49 APAC, however that was also largely a bust as the team only played seven matches before forfeiting the remainder of the season.

Overall, it appears that the duo's trip, outside of visiting China, was largely a waste of time as they left Bigetron Fury after less than two months with the organization itself has been equally inactive in the Asian scene. While the self-imposed exile likely helped put Damian "⁠EMIYA⁠" Boulware's FACEIT ban and the subsequent demise of Rocket behind them, they may want to get home soon if they want to make the most out of the already brewing NA shuffle.

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