Keychains, maps, comics, and pets? Everything we know about the recent CS2 leaks

What is going on in the House of Valve?

Fans have been elated in recent days as data miners have uncovered exciting information that could be related to the upcoming 25th anniversary of Counter-Strike. Code related to pets, comics, new skins, and even keychains have emerged thanks to well-known figures like YouTuber Gabe Follower.

One thing that fans should be expecting, according to fellow dataminer "Aquaismissing", is that a new case is absolutely coming. He tells that he is "100%" sure a case will be coming and it is getting ready to be released. When it will specifically be released he does not know, but it should be coming shortly.

The other item that has created more intrigue is the creation of "keychains" in Counter-Strike 2. These have been popularized by games Like Call of Duty and VALORANT where customizable decorations, or charms, are available to add onto weapons for extra customization.

GabeFollower says that code within the game identifies both the keychains and guns as separate entities, meaning that they are being worked on. Moreover, these items have some code related to a Valve development tool called "ModelDoc" which is being used to import 3D objects from Blender, a visual effects program. All signs point to these items being worked on, but how long until they are actually implemented, if ever, remains a mystery.

As for some of the sillier leaks that we're seeing, Valve is apparently working on including pets into the game. Yes, pets. Like the animal that would be a loyal follower. What that means, how it will work, and what the pets will even do is not clear at all. What Valve has done is create inspect animations for chickens along with several new animations for chickens. Again, a lot remains unknown about the extent to which pets are going to be a thing, if at all in Counter-Strike.

For fans of operations, there are some clues that it might be on the way. There is new code located within Counter-Strike 2 that refers to Comics. Accompanying that code is a reference to a Google font called "Bangers" in the file which looks pretty close to a classic, 1980's style comic font. Comics have been used in prior operations and could once again resurface.

Along with operations obviously come new maps. It is unknown which maps are going to come out, but GabeFollower has pointed to maps like Mills, Thera, and Assembly as potential additions for the regular game modes, while Memento and Pool Day might be introduced as Wingman and Arms Race maps, respectively. An operation would be the perfect time to release these maps to the community, but who is to say when that will come.

Fans of Counter-Strike can expect that the developers are certainly looking at introducing something new to the game but when that will be introduced, we just don't know.

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