NuTorious announce $3,600 off-season tournament

The whole event consists of three stages.

The Philadelphia-based organization which features an ESEA Advanced squad has announced its partnership with through an online event called Invitational. The event will see two qualifiers being played before the main stage, both of which are free to enter. The three tournaments combined have a prize pool of $3,640, with the winner of the main stage claiming $1,000.

The first qualifier will be happening during the weekend of June 21st-22nd, while the second one will go from June 28th-29th. Both qualifiers, or NuT Cups as they are called, can feature up to 32 teams each and the top two from each qualifier will grab a spot in the main stage, with the remaining squads being awarded points given their final placing. The four teams with the most points that didn't reach the grand finals of any of the NuT Cups will advance to the Invitational.

The main event will be played on July 12th-14th, with four other teams will be invited to join the eight qualified squads, but the first day of the Invitational will see a play-in stage between these eight teams where only four will advance to the playoff phase. The invited teams will make their first appearance during the second day, in the first round of playoffs, facing off against the four that advanced from the play-in stage. The last day is reserved for the grand final.

The Nut Cup and Invitational have the following format:

  • NuT Cup #1 & #2: 32 teams, single-elimination bracket, only semi and grand finals are Bo3. First and second place advance to the Invitational, the remaining teams get points, and four teams teams with the most points after the two qualifiers will also advance.

  • Invitational: 8 qualified fight in the play-in stage for four spots in playoffs. The four teams that advanced face four invited teams in a single-elimination bracket, all matches are Bo3.

The prize pool for each event is as follows:

NuT Cups (each)

  • 1st place: $100

  • 2nd place: $50

  • 3rd/4th place: $25

  • 5th/8th place: $15

  • 9th/16th place: $10

  • 17th/32nd place: $5 Invitational

  • 1st place: $1,000

  • 2nd place: $500

  • 3rd/4th place: $250

  • 5th/8th place: $150

  • 9th/12th place: $50

You can register for the first NuT Cup here.

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