So, uh, what now?

Indian org disappears 30 days after signing EU roster

They came, they saw, they left without a word.

It was just a month ago that many in the community were left scratching their heads when the organization 5W came along with the signings of several high-profile European players.

The organization was said to be based out of Bangalore, India, but remained a complete mystery to many - even those that are from the region. Indian commentator and analyst Sudhen "Bleh" Wahengbam was surprised by the organization's announcement as he called the whole situation "random" since he never heard of the company based out of his hometown.

Thomas "Thomas" Utting announced this afternoon that the lineup had left the organization as they had been scammed, gone back on their word, stopped communicating with the players at all. In further posts, Thomas explains that the financiers behind the organization had even paid players up front to convince them to sign, however they have ceased all interest in the project.

The players intend on sticking together for the time being as they have experienced some success in their time together. Coincidentally, the team ended up being crowned champions of the $60,000 Regional Clash Arena Europe 2024 online event earlier today as the departed their organization.

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June 17, 2024 07:59PM
Hope they can find an org quick. I always enjoy watching Joel and Thomas. The roster seemed to be working pretty well too
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