hallzerk is feasting, you could say

hallzerk on contract situation: "I wasn't stressed"

A new contract to pay for all those hot dogs.

Complexity have not had the easiest time the last few weeks, but Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli's situation seemed a bit more ambiguous than his teammates. His contract was running out and his organization was making allusions that he might not be their only option at the moment. However, as the Norweigen says, he was never really worried.

In their dominant opening victory against Sweden's Alliance, hallzerk spoke with Dust2 Sweden's Kalle "Hallonkraem" Strömgren about his performance in the game, expectations coming into the event, and how he felt during the contract situation. The full English transcription is below, but if you're feeling adventurous you can watch the interview in Swedish at the bottom of the article.

Hallzerk, pretty easy game here against Alliance first. How do you feel after this game?

It was nice. It was a little revenge from our last Dust2 which didn't go so well. We fixed some of our mistakes since last time and it feels good.

What did you think of Alliance? They still won the first gun. It was 2-2 in the beginning, then you guys ran over them. What do you think of the Swedish team?

I think they are better than what they showed here today. We have watched their demos. They are not bad after a 13-2 loss. I think they had a bad day here and made a bit too many mistakes.

This tournament is a little smaller than the ones you usually play. What are your thoughts coming in? You're going in as big favorites along with The MongolZ. How is your confidence going into this tournament?

We think we should at least be in the final of a tournament like this. We have not done so well lately. This is a tournament for us to get back on the horse and show some muscle. I'm coming in here with more confidence and will try to build on that.

You've signed a new contract now. It felt like there was a bit of ambiguity or was it just discussions or was it just Complexity trolling a bit before you would sign again?

It became much more than it should be. There was an interview once where it was a bad question I would say. When I do interviews, I just talk and then I go far away. It wasn't as much as people see it. I wasn't stressed or anything like that. I played my game and I know the team has confidence in me and I think that's good.

Complexity will be facing off against ENCE later today as they look to get an early berth in the playoffs.

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