Triumph lose RZU but are still looking to xCeeD expectations

Yet another roster change for the familiar yet embattled brand.

The latest development in the stampede of roster changes for Triumph is the homecoming of Jack "xCeeD" Holiman to fill in for the funny deer team in the wake of Jeff "RZU" Ngo's departure from the team for personal reasons.

Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk confirmed that xCeeD will continue to be a part of the team for their myriad of upcoming qualifiers, but noted that ESL has not granted the team's transfer request for ESEA Premier Season 38 at this time nor has he been granted status as an emergency substitute. It remains to be seen whether Triumph will be able to finish the season with RZU or Omar "3ARK00Z" Elyyan, who are already listed on the ESEA roster, or if they will have to forfeit their remaining matches.

cxzi noted that he's not confident that 3ARK00Z would be willing to play with some of the members of the current roster and is does not think that that will be a viable option.

xCeeD has tallied at least 40 frags in both of his series played with Triumph in the DreamHack Open September Closed Qualifier. Both matches were 2-0 sweeps over ATK and GGPR.

According to the ESL Pro League Transfer Regulations the matches that xCeeD has played with Triumph make him ineligible to play for GGPR for the remainder of this season.

A fully-executed agreement between the Team and the Player must be entered into in order for the Player to be considered part of, and added up to, a Team’s Roster. A Player may only be engaged by one (1) Team at a time during a Season, i.e. a Player is not allowed to have a contract simultaneously with two (2) or more Teams that require Player to perform services for both Teams at the same time, whether written or oral, during the pertinent Season (except in the case of a permitted loan under these regulations).

His roster spot on GGPR will be filled in non-ESEA matches by Saad "Pluto" Siraj, who last played for 10-2 ESEA Advanced side Levitate. confirmed with Chase "lowrider" Releford that GGPR has applied for an emergency substitution for ESEA Premier but has initially been told that they would not be permitted to utilize one. If that's the case the team may have to finish the season with coach Aurele "quick" Hebert since they do not have other substitutes on their ESEA roster.

The latest edition of Triumph is now:

  • United States Brendan "Bwills" Williams
  • United States Jeorge "jeorgesnorts" Endicott
  • United States Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk
  • United States Nicholas "hate" Young
  • United States Jack "xCeeD" Holiman

This iteration of Triumph is currently heading a third map against ChocoCheck for the first confirmed spot in DreamHack Open September. The series began at 9PM EDT.

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Dust2 Birthday cake!
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