Complexity is back in it!

Complexity, Liquid invited to IEM Cologne

M80 juuuuuuust misses out, Brazil sees four join!

North America has officially doubled their number of entrants for IEM Cologne 2024 compared to IEM Cologne 2023 as both Liquid and Complexity will make the journey to Germany later this summer.

It's a testament to Complexity's work as a revamped squad headlined by Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski's firepower that they have earned an invite as the best squad from North America. Liquid have also earned an invite to the Play-In as they were one of the best teams that did not earn a regional invite or qualify directly to the main portion of the competition.

Elsewhere, South America will be sending a record five teams to the Play-In as Imperial, FURIA, paiN, and MIBR earned spots through the world ranking while 9z captured the South American regional spot. In total, there will be seven teams from the Americas heading to Cologne for the event which ties IEM Cologne 2022.

IEM Cologne 2024 will be one of the first events following the summer break alongside the Esports World Cup and BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2024.

Below you can see the rankings and full invite details;

Group Play Invites

MOUZ: 2,309 Points | ESL Pro League S19
G2: 1,909 Points | IEM Dallas 2024
FaZe: 1,969 Points | IEM Chengdu
Spirit: 1,281 Points | IEM Katowice
Vitality: 1,829 Points | ESL WR
NAVI: 1,320 Points | ESL WR
Denmark Astralis: 930 Points | ESL WR 894 Points | ESL WR

Play-in Invites

HEROIC: 579 Points | ESL WR EU
Eternal Fire: 428 Points | ESL WR EU
Falcons: 355 Points | ESL WR EU
United States Complexity: 794 Points | ESL WR NA
9z: 530 Points | ESL WR SA
Mongolz: 534 Points | ESL WR AS
Australia FlyQuest: 343 Points | ESL WR OCE
World Liquid: 719 Points | ESL WR
Brazil FURIA: 395 Points | ESL WR
Brazil Imperial: | 362 Points ESL WR
BIG: 349 Points | ESL WR
BetBoom: 274 Points | ESL WR
Brazil paiN: 267 Points | ESL WR
Brazil MIBR: 235 Points | ESL WR
SAW: 235 Points | ESL WR

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