Dust2.us' IEM Dallas Fantasy Winners

We crown two new champs

As the Counter-Strike season comes near its natural conclusion, Dust2.us' Fantasy League is full-steam ahead. With NA's sole event done and dusted with G2 and Stewie2K atop the podium, Dust2.us also crowns our victors for the Group and Playoff stage respectively.

If you want to take part in Dust2.us' Fantasy Leagues in the future, join the community Discord and grab the Fantasy role to be notified of future events!

Group Stage

1st: 350 points, Skrt by Denmark Lorrdy
2nd: 293 points, dota fans by vandersarrrr
3rd: 286 points, xempaS' =TEAM by xempaS

Playoff Stage

1st: 143 points, YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS by United States Gilthehunter
2nd: 141 points, good dust2.us vibes men))) by karov
3rd: 137 points, Hoofty by temperforge

Winners of our fantasies receive a Fantasy Winner role in the Discord as well as a nifty badge to sport on their Dust2.us profile. They also get bragging rights but that's another story. Sign up for the community Discord and play today!

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