Villainous part ways with two

After eight months together, the Villainous roster will be looking for two new members.

Villainous have parted ways with two members as the ESEA Advanced playoffs squad begins preparations for next season following the player break. The changes to their ranks see Dalton "dopplahs" Hanley and Zolo "Zamgaa" Amgaa leave Villainous after eight months under the American organization and comes after the team finished ESEA Advanced Season 49 in 5th-6th place after being eliminated by straykids.

dopplahs told that he made the decision to step down from Villainous and stop playing CS2 competitively due to life commitments limiting his ability to dedicate time to the game, with his work schedule making it difficult for him to play. dopplahs said he did not rule out a return to CS2, but only when he has more free time and is less stressed about other commitments in his life.

As for zamgaa, he told that he feels the Villainous roster has reached its peak after multiple seasons together and that he was no longer having fun with the team. He is likely to look for a new team as the postseason shuffle is set to take place in short order.

Villainous are now:

  • United States Ty "TyRa" Aron

  • Canada Jérémy "BiNoX" Chiasson

  • David "Beast" Zucker

  • United States Antonio "Aj" Garcia (Coach)

Villainous will look to find two new members before ESEA Advanced Season 50 starts on July 14th.

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