Unjustified lose one as fatherhood comes calling

DeKa is set to welcome his first son into the world in short order, keeping him busy until DeKa Jr. can lift a mouse.

On June 5th Unjustified announced the departure of Dannis "DeKa" Ovcharenko from their ranks, with the experienced player stepping down from the team due to the upcoming birth of his son. DeKa's departure from Unjustified marks the end of his long-term association with Mitch "gloRinsz" MacInnis' roster, which started when ViBE formed in April 2023 with the team later being signed by Unjustified in February 2024.

During his time with the roster, DeKa recorded his first notable results in nearly seven years, helping the well-tenured roster make ESEA Advanced playoffs in Seasons 48 and 49. Unjustified's run in Season 49 playoffs was unfortunately short-lived as the team started off playoffs with a loss to OMiT before falling to Final Form in the first round of the lower bracket.

Unjustified are now:

  • Canada Mitch "gloRinsz" MacInnis

  • United States Alexander "LeX" Deily

  • United States Fernando "f0bless" Robles

  • United States Daniel "roca" Gustaferri

With DeKa out of the roster, Unjustified will look to find a new fifth during the summer player break, having ample time to do so before ESEA Advanced Season 50 starts on July 14th.

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