Back to Brazil for RCF following his North American adventure

RCF joins Jaguares as a stand-in

The era of mixed Brazilian-American lineups is drawing to an end.

After a long term stay that began in February of last year Rodrigo "RCF" Figueiredo has returned to Brazil to play for Jaguares for the time being. He joins the team on a temporary basis in place of Leonardo "Leomonster" Enrique, who is now playing for Bravos.

The signing comes after two months of the Brazilian fragger floating in limbo since the demise of the High Coast roster at the end of April. Before that he originally came to North American with Yeah and was set to play ESEA Premier following a victorious ESEA Advanced campaign in Season 35. Unfortunately, the Yeah roster crumbled before their inaugural Premier match, allowing RCF to join High Coast on loan for that season instead. It also recently surfaced that there were talks of RCF joining ChocoCheck, but they never came to fruition. 

RCF managed an impressive 1.27 average rating in the ESEA Advanced Season 35 postseason and then surpassed that with an even more impressive 1.28 rating in ESEA Premier Season 36 against higher level competition.

Jaguares are now:

  • Brazil Piero "kziN" Borges
  • Brazil Elitom "TEKO" Lourenço
  • Brazil Emerson "desh" Henrique
  • Brazil Guilherme "roz" Pureza
  • Brazil Rodrigo "RCF" Figueiredo (Stand-in)
  • Brazil Pablo "disturbed" Fernandes (Coach)

Jaguares were recently knocked down to Gamers Club Liga Série A June Relegation and will compete with DETONA, Black Dragons, and RUSH in the near future to try to avoid being relegated to Série B for the month of July.

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