HeadShotKings, Recon 5 Black to Premier Season 36 Relegation as Eclipse drop out

The two Advanced sides will have the chance to compete for one of four spots in Premier next season.

Eclipse have dropped out of ESEA Premier Season 36 Relegation, Dust2.us has learned. Additionally, ESEA have opted not to use the invite slot in Relegation, meaning that both 5-6th placing teams in ESEA Advanced Season 36 - HeadShotKings and Recon 5 Black - will be invited to compete in the tournament.

The invitation extended to the two teams is a welcome change as both were the victims of DDoS attacks during their Advanced playoff campaigns, with No. 2 seed Recon 5 Black notably suffering issues throughout their run that resulted in some of their members playing their final matches from friends' houses, despite ultimately falling in the lower bracket.

Eclipse informed ESEA that the reason for their withdrawl was that they would be unable to field five players, despite them having seven players paid up on their roster. The team had the opportunity to hold on to their spot in Premier via a 13th place decider match that was played on April 1st, but were felled in two one-sided maps by Third Impact, resulting in being sent to Relegation.

The team list for Relegation now looks as follows:

United States Levitate United States ImPerium
United States SKDC United States HeadShotKings
United States Recon 5 Black  Advanced #2
Advanced #3 Advanced #4

ESEA Premier Season 36 Relegation is set to play out from April 16-18, and will offer four spots in ESEA Premier Season 37. 

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