Loagurt steps down from WICKED

Loagurt has elected to take a break from CS due to suffering from burnout.

Last night WICKED member Logan "Loagurt" Leys announced his departure from the ESEA Advanced Season 49 team, citing mental health reasons and burnout as the primary factors behind his decision to leave the team. Loagurt was a founding member of the stream team, having joined Austin "Austin" Meadows' project at the start of the year.

Loagurt's tenure on the WICKED roster saw the Canadian attend Fragadelphia CS/DO in March, where the team claimed a top-eight finish. Additionally, the team recently earned a spot in ESEA Advanced Season 49 after winning ESEA Main last season over ASCEND.

His departure comes as WICKED currently have a 1-2 record in Advanced, with the team besting Dexterity and losing to The Nomads and Retirement Home.

WICKED are now:

  • United States Austin "Austin" Meadows

  • United States Ian "zeep" Lineaweaver

  • United States Tommy "corn" Eckhart

  • United States Lane "RiFT" Hardesty

WICKED will look to find a new fifth before their next match in ESEA Advanced Season 49, which is scheduled to be against Victorum on April 22nd.

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