2 years ago, madss qualified for her first LAN Finals with Please Send Help, a FA squad

Shimmer join FlyQuest RED in ESL Impact Season 5 LAN Finals

The free-agent team achieved its third LAN Finals appearance in a row.

ESL Impact Season 5 North America has reached its end and Shimmer managed to comfortably beat Limitless Angels, securing a spot in the ESL Impact Season 5 LAN Finals, happening in Dallas in late May.

Although Shimmer beat Limitless Angels and qualified due to the point differential, the Dallas spot was already secured after Karma defeated cleanup crew, as Shimmer would finish in second place regardless of the result in the match against the Angels, thanks to the tiebreakers.

Shimmer completed Season 5 with six wins and only one loss against FlyQuest RED, managing to win a map in that series. Since the opening loss against the RED squad, Shimmer didn't drop a single map, achieving 12 map wins in a row.

This is the third time in a row Shimmer managed to qualify for the LAN Finals, a feat no other free-agent squad has achieved. While Shimmer has been the only organization-less team in the last two LAN Finals, this season can feature up to four FA squads in the final stage of ESL Impact, as Shimmer has already been joined by Pigeons, and Fearless Cheetahs and Let Her Cook will be fighting to grab the final two spots from Europe.

ESL Impact Season 5 Finals will begin on May 31st and end on June 2nd. The event will be played in Dallas, at the same time as IEM Dallas, in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. ESL Impact Season 5 Finals feature a $123,000 prize pool, with the winner taking $50,000 home.

Limitless Angels
0 - 2
All maps
Limitless Angels K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Lydia 'Fawx' Dalton 37 - 32 +5 92.9 63.4% 1.23
United States Mira 'mira' Luna 28 - 35 -7 88.4 75.6% 1.13
Kiki 'PiggyKiki' Long 18 - 31 -13 57.5 58.5% 0.71
United States Robin 'rbn' Bondari 19 - 32 -13 60.6 65.9% 0.69
Daria 'daria' Anokhina 18 - 33 -15 44.9 53.7% 0.62
Shimmer K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Lucy 'empathy' Verkaik 44 - 26 +18 97.8 80.5% 1.57
United States Abigail 'abby' Deters 36 - 22 +14 80.6 80.5% 1.32
United States Marissa 'madss' Dasta 33 - 26 +7 86.1 82.9% 1.32
Australia Phoebe 'phoebe' Winter 27 - 25 +2 71.0 80.5% 1.15
United States Lynn 'Lx' Clarke 22 - 26 -4 72.9 68.3% 0.97

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