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BLAST to implement BO5 Grand Finals

More Counter-Strike.

BLAST will follow the steps of IEM Cologne and IEM Katowice as they will move the grand finals for their Spring Final, Fall Final, and World Final, to a best-of-five format.

Fans have started to clamor for the new grand final format following the reduction in regulation game time from MR15 to MR12.

The upcoming BLAST Premier Spring Final in London, England will be the first of BLAST's upcoming finals to feature the new format.

The event is set to begin June 12th through June 16th. The Fall Finals will be held in Copenhagen from September 25th through September 29th and the World Final location is yet to be determined, however it will be held from November 13th through November 17th.

It is unknown if the best-of-five finals will continue through 2025 when BLAST hosts six events in the calendar year.

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April 19, 2024 09:32AM
Sigh bo5s I don't want more than 3 tournaments that use this if all T.Os use it for every event imma be pissed
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