Liquid, Elevate through to EWC Closed Qualifier

The Closed Qualifier is set to kick off tonight.

It was a pretty easy two-day stretch for Liquid who had to get right back into the action following a lengthy travel day from China in the beginning of the week. The international squad were able to breeze through the two days of open qualifiers as they claimed their place in the Closed Qualifier which begins later tonight.

The other squad to join them in the fight against M80 and Legacy will be Elevate. The American squad were able to take down both Wildcard and Nouns in the playoffs. The squad had one of the hardest qualification paths, with Wildcard and Nouns ranked fifth and fourth on' Top 10 Rankings.

The surprising eliminations happened earlier on Tuesday evening when Party Astronauts were dispatched by G3, who are reeling from the loss of Qihao "C4LLM3SU3" Su who left for Wildcard on trial this April. While the loss of their star player has hurt, it did not hamper the American-based Mongolian squad as they surprised many with their win against PA on Tuesday and then their absolutely dominant 13-2 win over NRG in the opening BO1 last night.

Nouns once again have missed out on a closed qualifier, but will get some leniency as they recently replaced Edgar "MarKE" Maldonado with Anthony "CLASIA" Kearney. Nouns scraped by Take Flyte 19-16 and then lost 1-2 to Elevate in a close series that went 11-13, 13-11, 11-13.

The North American Closed Qualifier will begin later tonight with the following matchups:

World Liquid v. Legacy Brazil at 05:30PM

United States Elevate v. M80 at 05:30PM

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