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Perfect World introduces Major Mascot

Hai, hello, whats up?

The community is still recovering from the 2024 PGL Copenhagen Major but Perfect World is already preparing for the second Major of the year. In an announcement this morning, the organizers have introduced the official mascot for the December event - Hai.

Hai is a 3D cartoon character modeled after the Counter-Terrorist model within Counter-Strike. The character has blue camouflage pants and shirt, several pockets on the body armor, a helmet, and what appears to be ears coming out the back of the character's head.

"Meet HAI, the official mascot for the Perfect World Shanghai Major 2024," the official Perfect World X account said in a post this morning.
"Just as the name suggests, HAI would like to welcome everyone to the first ever CS2 Major in China with a hearty 'Hi!'"

The 2024 Perfect World Shanghai Major is set to be the first Valve-sponsored Counter-Strike Major event to be held in the Asian region. The event is set to begin on December 1st and will be played through to December 15th. The Americas region will have seven spots in the Opening Stage following the success of several Brazilian teams qualifying for the Elimination Stage in Copenhagen.

Complexity has earned itself a spot at the upcoming Americas RMR and will not have to qualify through the North American regional open qualifiers. Liquid is preparing to qualify for the December event, having missed out on the first Major of the year.

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April 12, 2024 03:43PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Cute lil guy!
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April 12, 2024 06:47PM
This dude rules
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