FlyQuest RED secure Dallas trip; Shimmer one win away | ESL Impact S5 NA Week 6 - Highlights and Recap

It's all falling into place.

With the second to last week of ESL Impact S5 NA finishing, only three teams don't know where they are finishing the regional division. After Week 6, FlyQuest RED secured their tickets to the LAN Finals, and WG Bandits, COVEN, cleanup crew, and Nouns fe are out of contention for the Top 4 invite spots.

Now, the focus turns to Karma, Limitless Angels, and Shimmer, all three fighting for the second LAN Finals spot. With Karma facing COVEN and Shimmer facing the Angels, this could turn into a three-way tie.

In this article you can find a recap of the four series of the week, the top three highlights and performers of the games.

This week opened with WG Bandits bothering Karma on Anubis before Olga "olya" Kryvulych stopped them in their tracks. Karma struggled on that first map with a 13-10 win but breezed past the Bandits on Inferno with a 13-1 victory. FlyQuest RED also suffered a bit more than what they expected as cleanup crew put up a good fight on both maps. Overpass and Mirage ended 13-7 as FlyQuest RED secured a spot in Dallas.

The second set of games saw Shimmer make quick work of COVEN on Mirage with a 13-3 win, but a much labored 13-7 Ancient victory showed that COVEN has been steadily improving, making it competitive against one of the top teams. Nouns fe and Limitless Angels were fighting for an invite spot with the Angels coming out on top after a 13-6 Overpass win, a 13-7 Anubis loss, and a Mirage decider 13-6 victory.

Top 3 Performances

#3 Australia Vivienne "BiBiAhn" Quach - FlyQuest RED

FlyQuest RED have been cruising through the Regional division as always, but cleanup crew were able to put up a solid fight. This is where a player like BiBiAhn makes a difference. With her ability to impact every single round, BiBiAhn ended the series with a 40-19 K/D, with 11 of those being first kills.

#2 United States Lydia "Fawx" Dalton - Limitless Angels

Need someone to perform on high-pressure games? Call Fawx. The AWPers stepped up and was a huge factor in the Limitless Angels' win over Nouns fe, ending the series with a 57-39 K/D, 107.9 ADR, and a 1.59 rating. Fawx has been rock solid for her team, and yesterday was another one of those days.

#1 Olga "olya" Kryvulych - Karma

You knew olya was going to take the top step. She was absolutely destroying the Bandits on Anubis and kept it going on Inferno. olya finished Anubis with a 34-14 K/D and a 1.98 rating, only to top that with a 22-6 K/D, 2.66 rating on Inferno. It was one of those nights where you just can't stop the Pot Friend.

Top 3 Highlights

#3 United States Cynthia "katalyyst" Sheerajin (Nouns fe) - 1v2 post-plant clutch

It was not pretty, but it worked. katalyyst managed to turn this 1v2 around in her favor after planting the bomb with less than a second to spare. With an accurate shot inside a smoke, katalyyst stopped the defuser and claimed a crucial round for Nouns fe.

#2 United States Lilith "gadfly" Mize (cleanup crew) - 4K

gadfly has been tearing it up, even while playing as the IGL in her first ESL Impact season. Against FlyQuest RED, she had a solid performance and was the only cleanup crew member finishing the series with a positive rating. Well, we are not here to talk about performances, so we leave you with this satisfying 4K, catching FlyQuest RED unaware and mowing them down.

#1 Canada Alexandra "ADK" Duquette Kistabish (WG Bandits) - Pistol round 4K

Although WG Bandits are yet to find a series win with one week to go before the end of the season, this team has been competitive in pretty much every series. ADK has been one of the main driving forces, as the Canadian jumped onto the scene and has been a huge positive surprise. Once again, she proved to be deadly with four kills to open map one against Karma.

Shot of the week - Australia Jayde "jaydee" Slabosz (WG Bandits) - One Deag

We are not done with WG Bandits. jaydee is featured with the shot of the week, but this is just a way of telling you to go watch that map. WG Bandits hit a lot of one Deagle shots, and it was hard to choose just one. This was just a textbook one deag.

Week 6 Results

United States WG Bandits 0-2 Karma
FlyQuest RED 2-0 cleanup crew
United States Nouns fe 1-2 United States Limitless Angels
United States COVEN 0-2 United States Shimmer

Week 7 Schedule

United States Limitless Angelsvs. United States Shimmer - April 19, 2023 07:30PM
FlyQuest RED vs. United States Nouns fe - April 19, 2023 07:30PM
United States WG Bandits vs. United States COVEN - April 19, 2023 07:30PM
Karma vs. cleanup crew - April 19, 2023 07:30PM

Standings after Week X

1st - FlyQuest RED - 6-0
2nd - United States Shimmer - 5-1
3rd - United States Limitless Angels - 4-2
4th - Karma - 4-2
5th - United States Nouns fe - 3-3
6th - cleanup crew - 2-4
7th - United States WG Bandits - 0-6
8th - United States COVEN - 0-6

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