WolfY hit with illness amidst Jönköping qualifier

Not an easy night for the AWPer.

Update: WolfY out!

While the AWPer was expected to play tonight, his illness has gotten worse and CLASIA will step in once more.

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Party Astronauts were already playing one down as Will "RUSH" Wierzba had a prior conflict with last night's opening matches in the ESL Challenger Jönköping North American Closed Qualifier, but now they will also be slightly disadvantaged due to their AWPer falling ill.

Adam "WolfY" Andersson was seemingly already affected last night as he would take the final map against Take Flyte off with RUSH coming back in to help close out the series. Anthony "CLASIA" Kearney had originally subbed in for RUSH last night, but would later technically be the sub for WolfY by the end of the night.

"WolfY needed to get subbed out for the 2nd map cause he is SUPER sick," Patry Astronauts rifler Connor "chop" Sullivan said in a post. "Happy we were able to close the series out and keep fighting for a spot at Jönköping."

WolfY was able to play against Nouns and the first map against Take Flyte, but the sick AWPer struggled in form. He will be back in the squad, same as RUSH, as Party Astronauts play BOSS this afternoon and potentially Nouns as they look to make it to Sweden.

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