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It was an action-packed night as Nouns propelled themselves into the final of the ESL Challenger Jönköping North American Closed Qualifier, where they will await the winner of BOSS v. Party Astronauts in the Consolidation Final.

Nouns were forced to start the online event with a tougher start, as they had to play Party Astronauts to open the night.

However, PA was slightly hampered as Will "RUSH" Wierzba was unavailable to play. Anthony "CLASIA" Kearney jumped in as a sub for the Partynauts and helped the orgless side go toe-to-toe with Nouns over three maps, which included an overtime win on Map 1 to set the tone. While CLASIA was unable to help the team get the series win, he did lead the team in performance as they almost upset one of NA's better sides.

Elsewhere, BOSS started out the night in dominant fashion with their new rifler Justin "FaNg" Coakley coming out hot with a 1.32 HLTV Rating, 90.3 ADR, and a 76.2% as he powered the unsigned squad to a crushing 2-0 victory over Take Flyte, sending Collin "CoJoMo" Moren's side down to the elimination match against Party Astronauts while BOSS would face Nouns.

Between BOSS and Nouns, it was not too much of a contest as Christopher "cJ dA K1nG" Jones lead the way to a 2-0 thumping. The rifler posted a 1.51 HLTV Rating, an 88.3 ADR, and 97.2% KAST as they took down BOSS 13-5, 13-5 on Inferno and Ancient, respectively.

As for Take Flyte and Party Astronauts, it was Flyte that would be sent home. With Will "RUSH" Wierzba coming back for the second map and substituting for Adam "WolfY" Andersson, the squad easily took down the 2-6 ECL side 13-4, 13-5 on Inferno and Ancient, respectively.

Now, Nouns remains in the driver's seat as they will be watching BOSS and Party Astronauts play one another to get to the Grand Final where the winner of that will punch their ticket to Sweden later this year to play in ESL Challenger Jönköping and play on LAN against teams like Falcons, ENCE, and Complexity.

BOSS v. Party Astronauts begins tonight at 05:30PM with the matchup against Nouns to happen following.

1 - 2
Party Astronauts
All maps
BOSS K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Matthew 'Cryptic' Whitmore 61 - 58 +3 76.4 76.7% 1.15
United States Josh 'PwnAlone' Pigue 66 - 57 +9 74.5 76.7% 1.14
Canada Adam 'freshie' Paterson 52 - 55 -3 72.1 72.1% 1.04
United States Matthew 'd4rty' Paplawskas 58 - 55 +3 68.6 73.3% 1.02
Canada Justin 'FaNg' Coakley 54 - 57 -3 73.2 69.8% 1.01
Party Astronauts K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Anthony 'CLASIA' Kearney 59 - 57 +2 82.8 75.6% 1.14
United States Danny 'cxzi' Strzelczyk 57 - 62 -5 81.0 74.4% 1.13
United States Connor 'chop' Sullivan 61 - 58 +3 74.2 66.3% 1.06
United States Ben 'ben1337' Smith 49 - 60 -11 58.9 73.3% 0.96
United States William 'RUSH' Wierzba 55 - 58 -3 68.5 68.6% 0.96

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