Complexity were just one win away from Top 8

Americas squads get Major boost in HLTV ranking update

FURIA however, took a hit.

paiN, Complexity, FURIA, Legacy, and Imperial represented the Americas well in Copenhagen over the last two weeks as the squads performed well above expectations. Thanks to their efforts, the region will now have a record-tying seven squads qualifying for the upcoming Perfect World Shanghai Major later this December.

Fans feel slightly frustrated about Complexity's stumble at the final hurdle, as they only needed one more win to reach the Top 8. However, the squad's overall performances landed them in the Top 12 at a Major, which was their best finish since the FACEIT London Major where the organization reached the Top 8.

The Brazilian squads really impressed, with paiN only one win away from making the Top 8 of the Major alongside Complexity. They would fall in their final 2-2 game to the eventual Major winners, Natus Vincere.

Now, thanks to the standout performances in the Major, Complexity remains king of the region at #13 in the world, with paiN close behind at #14. FURIA, shockingly, had fallen down to 15th place and is now the second-best Brazilian team for the first time since October 2023, when MIBR surpassed them for a short while. Imperial has risen to 19th in the world while Legacy, now with Jake "Stewie2k" Yip, is at 24th despite losing points for benching Marcelo "coldzera" David.

The ranking for the Americas teams is currently:

  • United States Complexity: #14th, 181 Points, +2

  • Brazil paiN: #15th, 167 Points, +6

  • Brazil FURIA: #16th, 150 Points, -2

  • Brazil Imperial: #19th, 125 Points, +3

  • Brazil Legacy: #24th, 74 Points, +3

  • Brazil MIBR: #27th, 59 Points, -1

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