No catwalk, but a few extra seats

PGL beefs up security after stage storming

Extra security is needed after yesterday's events.

From today until the end of the PGL Copenhagen Major, fans will see a different stage layout in the Royal Arena. The organizer has decided to remove the catwalk that previously extended into the crowd.

PGL also added extra barriers to separate fans from the stage and more seated places where the catwalk was previously situated. These security measures were taken after yesterday's event, which saw individuals storm the stage due to conflicts between skin gambling websites.

During the quarterfinal between G2 and MOUZ, which saw G2 advancing to the semifinals with a 2-0 victory, some people associated with CSGOEmpire, a skin gambling website, jumped onto the stage and stopped the match due to a feud between the owner of the previously mentioned website and CSGORoll, one of G2's sponsor.

Security rushed onto the stage, and the players of both teams were escorted backstage for security reasons. The vandals caused chaos in the arena, and the trophy was even broken. PGL swiftly dealt with the individuals interfering in the event's normal flow and promised to press charges against them.

Today, there is expected to be much more security on-site, along with removing the catwalk and adding extra barriers between the stage and the crowd.

Before yesterday's events

After yesterday's events

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