Karma bounces back; Favorites prevail | ESL Impact S5 NA Week 4 - Highlights and Recap

Karma vs. Nouns fe was amazing to watch.

With Week 4 in the books, ESL Impact Season 5 North America has passed the halfway point and, although FlyQuest RED lead with no defeats, the fights for #2 and a Top 4 finish are heating up. Shimmer and Limitless Angels both have a 3-1 record and are tied for 2nd place, while Karma, Nouns fe, and cleanup crew all boast a 2-2 record. Everything is still up for grabs but next week will be crucial for this middle-of-the-pack fight.

In this article you can find a recap of the four series of the week, the top three highlights and performers of the games.

Talking about Week 4, though, it started with Shimmer demolishing cleanup crew with 13-1 and 13-5 maps. That quick series was balanced out by a lengthy but fierce fight between Karma and Nouns. Although Nouns comfortably won Ancient 13-6, Karma would bounce back with a 16-12 Inferno and a 13-9 Overpass to take the series win.

The second day would be swift, as FlyQuest RED defeated WG Bandits 13-1 and 13-0, while Limitless Angels would beat COVEN 13-4 on Mirage and 13-7 on Anubis. It should be said that COVEN has been getting better with each official match the team plays, starting with just three round wins during Week 1, to now putting together seven on Anubis.

Top 3 Performances

#3 Daria "bezdaria" Anokhina - Limitless Angels

Limitless Angels are rising up to the occasion as the team only lost to FlyQuest RED, so far, but, usually, it's Lydia "Fawx" Dalton or Mira "mira" Luna taking the spotlight. This week, it's bezdaria, as the Ukrainian import single-handedly took down COVEN on the Mirage CT-side. She finished the half with a 17-3 K-D and a 10-2 lead that propelled the Angels to a 13-4 win.

#2 United States Emma "Emy" Choe & Canada Mounira "GooseBreeder" Dobie - FlyQuest RED

The old-school duo turned back the clock and combined for 65 kills, as both Emy and GooseBreeder ended the series with a 2.06 rating and an 88.9% KAST. The rest of the FlyQuest RED squad produced great numbers as well, but this duo took things to another level.

#1 United States Natalie "ashe" Betts - Nouns fe

Have you ever seen such a good performance end in a loss? ashe dropped 26 kills on Overpass, the decider, and it still wasn't enough to grab the win against Karma. These weren't 26 impactless kills, these were a couple of 4K rounds, one of which ended with a round loss, a lot of multi-kill rounds. 1.76 rating, 128.5 ADR, and a 13-9 map three loss.

Top 3 Highlights

#3 United States Lucy "empathy" Verkaik (Shimmer) - 1v2 clutch 1HP

Shimmer easily beat cleanup crew, but it was not without some scary rounds. empathy was able to stop this 2v2 retake after finding herself in a 1v2 situation with just 1HP.

#2 United States Cynthia "katalyyst" Sheerajin (Nouns fe) - 1v2 clutch (with replay)

Nouns fe were able to win Ancient, but it could have been much closer. katalyyst was able to win this amazing 1v2 clutch with low HP with two fast AWP shots.

#1 United States Lydia "Fawx" Dalton (Limitless Angels) - AWP 4K

Fawx likes AWPs and Shotguns, perhaps she was confused during this round, as she completely ran over the opposition with the AWP. After finding the first kill, Fawx was not happy and rushed down B Apartments with the sniper and took out three more players.

Shot of the week - Australia Vivienne "BiBiAhn" Quach (FlyQuest RED) - 360º HS one tap

Take this as BiBiAhn's official FaZe Clan application. The game was almost over, which allowed a more relaxed pistol round, and BiBiAhn pulled this trick out of her bag.

Week 4 Results

United States Shimmer 2-0 cleanup crew
Karma 2-1 United States Nouns fe
FlyQuest RED 2-0 United States WG Bandits
United States Limitless Angels 2-0 United States COVEN

Week 5 Schedule

Karma vs. United States Limitless Angels - April 3, 2023 07:30PM
United States WG Bandits vs. United States Shimmer - April 3, 2023 07:30PM
United States Nouns fe vs. cleanup crew - April 4, 2023 07:30PM
FlyQuest RED vs. United States COVEN - April 4, 2023 07:30PM

Standings after Week 4

1st - FlyQuest RED - 4-0
2nd - United States Limitless Angels - 3-1
3rd - United States Shimmer - 3-1
4th - United States Nouns fe - 2-2
5th - cleanup crew - 2-2
6th - Karma - 2-2
7th - United States WG Bandits - 0-4
8th - United States COVEN - 0-4

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