Liquid facing off against Heroic top open up the Chinese event

cadiaN to face former org in IEM Chengdu opener

The AWPer will have to battle his old employers.

Liquid has officially pulled out of the Skyesports Masters 2024, which went from a LAN held in India to an online event hosted in Europe. Now, the international squad has replaced M80 at IEM Chengdu 2024 and has learned their first opponent for the early April event.

Casper "cadiaN" Møller will face his former employer, HEROIC in the opening match of the Chinese event. Liquid have been placed in Group A of the event, replacing M80 in the event. The other North American team had to withdraw.

Wildcard is the other North American team in the event as they replaced Complexity. The Major-attending squad had an incredibly busy schedule over the past couple of weeks which made it difficult to obtain Chinese visas in an acceptable amount of time. Wildcard will face in their opener.

IEM Chengdu will be the debut of another North American organization in tier one Counter-Strike as FlyQuest will, for the first time ever, field a men's CS roster, as the organization signed the former Grayhound squad recently. FlyQuest will meet Cloud9 in its debut match.

IEM Chengdu kicks off on April 8th and will be played through April 14th. Below are the opening matches;

Group A
Denmark HEROIC v. Liquid World
G2 v. 9z
Brazil FURIA v. Lynn
MOUZ v. Tyloo

Group B
FaZe v. Nemiga
Denmark Astralis v. Monte
Cloud9 v. FlyQuest Australia v. Wildcard

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