Snakes: "Hopefully [the team] will keep a spot open for me once I turn sixteen"

We caught up with Snakes after SoaR defeated Rise Nation to qualify for the ESL Pro League.

Identified by his in-game leader Matthew "mCe"Elmore as the best player one the team, we caught up with Ryan "Snakes" Amann after he helped power SoaR to a berth in the next season of ESL Pro League.

Rise Nation has given you guys a lot of trouble over the past months — how does it feel to finally get the better of them, and in such a big moment?

It feels, but we're friends with Rise, and we hope that they make it through. Everyone is really hyped about the win.

There was a lot of trash talking going on, are there any hard feelings or does that stay in the server?

Nah, it's all just friendly in-game trash talk.

Unfortunately, it had been known you would not be able to participate in Pro League if your team qualified. Now, according to what we know, you will not be able to participate in MDL either. Can you share your feelings on that?

It definitely sucks qualifying for Pro and not being able to play. I understand the rule if there are legal issues, but hopefully [the team] will keep a spot open for me once I turn sixteen. I understand if they don't because they are doing well, but hopefully.

What does this win and the ruling mean for you in the near future?

I'm still going to grind out, it isn't going to keep me from playing. I'll probably play more Rank S and start streaming because I have nothing else to do.

How would you describe this journey that you and your team have been on, from Open to Professional?

It has been rough. We've made roster changes and gotten a lot of hate, but also a lot of fans along the way. We've been grinding since Main, through the MDL, this was our first season, and now we made Pro.

You guys really burst on the scene in 2017 as individuals and a team. Is it surreal to see how far you have come?

Definitely. I never would have thought we would come this far in this little time.

How hard is it for you to balance school, life, and CS?

It's been pretty easy, about a year and a half ago I switched to cyberschool. So I still do school, but I get to wake up late and stay up late, since I don't need to go to school in the morning.

How do you like your chances in the main tournament?

I feel like we definitely have a good chance to get out of groups. We really wanted to win that match against Rise, so we wouldn't get placed in the "group of death". Hopefully we can make playoffs!

Luckily you guys don't have to play ESL Pro League Relegation, but what do you think of that mix of teams? Who do you think will win?

I feel like each team has a lot of individual skill, and that Rise should be able to make it out easily. I'd go with GX in second, because they've been a unit for several months, Rogue have a sub, and Ghost change their fifth every month.

Snakes and the rest of SoaR will next be in action tomorrow, against Ghost Academy in the opening match of Group B. That match is scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM EST.

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They better keep it the kid is fucking insane .-.
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