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Alaska-exclusive GCI Invitational returns with $25k prizepool

One of North America's strangest events has returned for 2024.

Alaska is a place that scarcely comes to mind when thinking about NA CS, with the state being so isolated from the rest of the United States they're lucky to get 80 ping to the West Coast. However, this isolation hasn't stopped a burgeoning CS:GO and now CS2 scene from developing above the 61st parallel, something Anchorage-based telecom company GCI leveraged last year in the inaugural GCI Invitational.

The $20k Alaska-exclusive event aimed to provide a league for natives of the 49th state to compete to be the best team in the state. When all was said and done, 46 teams managed to sign up and after three weeks of competition, a squad named AKCS came out on top, winning the grand finals 3-0 while only dropping six rounds in the Bo5 (Perhaps they're the Alaskan Astralis?).

With the success of that event, GCI have announced the return of the Invitational for 2024, this time increasing the prizepool to $25k. The event is set to start on March 8th, and while details are sparse at this time, the event will hopefully be another success as our NA comrades up north deserve quality events too!

Alaskan readers interested in learning more about the event can sign up for email updates here.

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#1(With 1 replies)
February 28, 2024 06:26PM
I know the overall quality of this tournament (skill wise) probably wasn't that amazing but to have 46 teams sign up seems... beyond amazing?
#2(With 0 replies)
February 28, 2024 07:40PM
It's insane
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