JOTA and LOS couldn't make it work so fast

Brazil LOS(t) in NA Closed Qualifier

It was a tough ending for the new-look Brazilian squad.

It was a tough ending to a somewhat controversial episode this early on in the 2024 PGL Copenhagen Major Americas RMR North American qualifiers as LOS was eliminated in the Closed Qualifier following a 13-1, 13-6 loss against NRG in the Closed Qualifier stage. The squad, who only came together just a few weeks prior and traveled to the United States to play in the event, must say goodbye to their chances at the first Counter-Strike 2 Major.

LOS has a strong history in North America, having operated a Counter-Strike division as oNe for several years, before leaving in April 2023. Since being known as oNe, the organization has participated in countless LAN events and within the regional ESEA league structure. This marks the first time the organization has returned to North America since that departure, and once again, has an all-Brazilian squad that was only just formed.

LOS had a tough battle in the North America Closed Qualifier, having made it following their qualification in the second open qualifier just days ago. The squad lost their opening battle against Carpe Diem 13-9 and their second match against Badass 13-5. Down 0-2, the team were able to salvage a gritty 2-1 win over FLUFFY AIMERS to stave off elimination. However, in their toughest test yet, they had to play the Canadian superstars in NRG who steamrolled the Brazilian squad in a 13-1, 13-6 defeat.

The organization was playing from LOS + oNe's Las Vegas base of operations and it is unknown if the team will stay in the region to compete in any events. With oNe Founder & CEO Alexandre “kakaveL” Peres continuously praising the level of Counter-Strike competition in North America, it's entirely possible that the goal of the organization is to keep the squad in the United States like they did with previous iterations of the team.

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