CS2 Launch Update: Most Important Changes From 9/27 Patch Notes

Valve launched CS2 today with a huge list of patch notes, here's what you need to know.

As you're no likely no doubt aware, Counter-Strike 2 released today, and it's a pretty big deal. With that, Valve have published a fairly expansive patch list addressing some of the issues players found towards the end of the beta. With that in mind, Dust2.us has compiled a list of some of the more significant changes that this update brings. Keep in mind, that we won't include any that come intrinsically with the release of CS2 as that would cover dozens of line items.

Gameplay Changes

  • Improved player-against-player movement collision

  • Improved consistency of bullet penetration

  • Replaced weekly drops with a weekly Care Package. Choose from weapon cases, weapon finishes, and graffiti


  • Added new audio customization settings

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes c4 defuse and planting sounds could not be heard in certain locations

  • First person damage sounds are now more impactful

  • Body damage feedback for attackers will now play within the same distance as it does for onlookers through smokes and wallbangs


  • Adjusted character additive lean animation

  • Adjusted jiggle-peeking animation

  • Reduced foot sliding when carrying slower weapons


  • When one or more party members get convicted of cheating and permanently banned, all their associates will be penalized with loss of Profile Rank and CS Rating

  • In Premier, players with a very high established CS Rating are not allowed to party with accounts that do not have an established CS Rating

Of course, there is so much more to this update, so be sure to check the complete patch notes here.

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