JT spoke about his players, beating Complexity, and Liquid.

JT on floppy's star performance: "He should have had one of these tournaments sooner"

The Complexity IGL is proud of the flopster.

Complexity shocked the gaming world when they came right out of the gate to win their first two matches of ESL Pro League groups in order to guarantee themselves a spot at playoffs. For a team that seemed to struggle following a roster change, they have made tremendous progress in order to get to a new level. If it wasn't for an unfortunate stumble towards the end of the second map against G2, they would have guaranteed themselves a top eight finish in one of the biggest events of the year.

As playoffs are set to begin, Dust2.us spoke with Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore about the team's rapid rise since Cologne, floppy's dominance, chances against Vitality, and if they are now better than Liquid.

How is the team overall feeling? It seems like the mood has shifted since we last talked in Cologne.

We obviously feel really good. We made playoffs, we are playing much better than we did before, but we also feel like we should definitely beat G2. So a little upset about that, but also just happy that we're playing better and we made playoffs. I mean, we know ourselves that practices are going well so we're pretty confident going into playoffs.

It definitely feels like there has been a shift since Cologne. What has happened since Cologne for this team to improve so much?

I think we just had a lot more practice since then, so obviously just everyone's a lot more comfortable. We know exactly how we want to be playing. For me personally, I'm calling the way that I want to call and I think it's been helping myself and the team's performance. In general, I think having a lot more practice, everyone knowing exactly what they should be doing in different situations, and we're all on the same page. It's been really easy for us to play better and I think it's really showing in floppy's performance and also EliGE's.

It's certainly been reflected in his performance. He is having one of his best events in a long time. Is it just him finding his new roles or what other factors are getting him to star level?

I think obviously he's been working hard and I think in my opinion, he should have had one of these tournaments sooner. He's a really good player and his mechanics are really, really good. Previously, just with the role that he is in, if we're losing games it's gonna be really hard for him to have a good tournament in my opinion. So I think now that we're all very comfortable and we know what we're doing it's really easy for floppy to to step up and have these big rounds because the rest of us aren't messing it up.

Looking at playoffs, you'll be playing either fnatic or Monte. Who do you guys want to play and who do you expect to play?

I don't think we really care which one you're playing. Honestly, I don't even know who's gonna win that game. I think it's a really close game. I think both teams are really good. I think Monte will be harder to play just because they're a little crazy. We don't know exactly how to play against that play style. Their playstyle is... how do I put it, like very aggressive, very gambling and it's quite hard to play against if you're not hitting shots. I think it's gonna be a good game to watch and no preference on who we're going to play.

Say you do beat whoever you play, you would be set to play Vitality next. Do you think that a win over Vitality is something realistic?

Yeah, I think we can definitely beat Vitality, it's not something crazy in our minds. We can definitely beat them. I think we have a really good chance against them, it just depends which Complexity shows up. We're playing pretty consistently well these days, so I think I'm hoping that the good Complexity basically shows up.

With Complexity now the #1 NA team after Liquid left for EU, what is the relationship between each side after so long battling it out in America? Do you feel that Complexity are ahead of Liquid?

I think it's difficult to say who's ahead right now. We're having a good tournament now and they didn't, But in previous tournaments, maybe they were doing a little better. I think it's a little too soon to say who's doing better or who's ahead. Honestly, I think their team's really good and I'm surprised they didn't make playoffs. Give it a few more months before we, actually put anyone ahead of the other, but I hope that we can keep playing well and we can prove that we're the number one team in NA.

Complexity are set to play on Wednesday against the winner of fnatic v. Monte at 09:30AM.

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