nitr0's retirement from esports reportedly only lasted a few months

nitr0 reportedly set to return to VALORANT

A move to VALORANT would likely suit nitr0's desire to compete while also traveling less.

According to a report by VALORANT roster reporter Max "purest" Katz, M80 are set to assemble a new roster in Riot's shooter that will include Captain America himself, Nick "nitr0" Cannella. The move would mark his return to VALORANT after previously playing with 100 Thieves from late 2020 to the end of 2021, and his return to competition after retiring from Liquid and CS:GO in June.

The move may come as a surprise to many as nitr0 only recently finished his playing career with Liquid three months ago, however he told in an interview at IEM Dallas that he was "leaving my options open for other games" and that he would consider any offers he received.

Likewise, considering he made the conscious choice to return to CS:GO post-100 Thieves, many may ask what has caused the sudden about-face. However, when considering nitr0's desire to travel less and spend more time with his family, playing in the tier two VALORANT scene offers a lot of benefits. Unlike the CS:GO scene where tier two teams regularly attend LANs, M80 as an Ascension squad can expect a far gentler travel schedule, only attending a few LAN events per year — perfect for a new father.

M80 VALORANT reportedly consists of at the moment:

  • Canada GianFranco "koalanoob" Potestio

  • Canada Marc-Andre "NiSMO" Tayar

  • Canada Alexander "Zander" Dituri

  • United States Nick "nitr0" Cannella

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#1(With 0 replies)
September 14, 2023 08:07PM
That's litty m80 nitr0 I like M80 good for them having a big name and nitr0 getting to play competitive FPS while bring a dad
#2(With 0 replies)
September 15, 2023 08:33AM
goes where the paychecks are
#3(With 0 replies)
September 15, 2023 11:41AM
It is sad to see him go once again, but Riot's (lack of a) schedule makes sense for what he wants to do.
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