XSET plans return to women's scene

While many are celebrating the expansion, a pending lawsuit against XSET has generated concerns.

American esports organization XSET announced today on Twitter their intentions to return to Counter-Strike with an all-women's roster, becoming the latest team to invest in the Impact scene in recent months. The decision follows recent investments from the likes of Fluxo, ENCE, and 1WIN, and also sees XSET return to the women's CS scene after hosting a roster from late-2020 to mid-2021 before transitioning the squad to VALORANT.

That lineup would go on to be highly successful in VALORANT, winning the 2022 Game Changers Championship under G2 Gozen before the core would return to CS:GO as G2 Oya. Based on XSET's history, it is likely the team will once again invest in a European squad, however there is hope of the team potentially investing in an orgless NA squad like Shimmer, Hyperion, or Karma.

While many have celebrated the news of XSET's expansion into CS, alongside Fortnite, some on Twitter and beyond have criticized the expansion of XSET's operations as the organization are currently the target of lawsuits from their former men's VALORANT lineup. The lawsuit, of which a party is current M80 VP Don "SyykoNT" Muir, alleges that XSET went back on a promise to pay 50% of merchandizing revenue from the team's activities. While XSET has denied the allegations, some feel that XSET should not be expanding until their "house" is in order.

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