How to fix VAC issue after recent CS2 update

The newest update came with new features... and bugs

Some users have complained that the newest Counter-Strike 2 update on September 13th has caused a VAC error when they attempt to play the limited test build, noting the infamous message: "VAC was unable to verify game session".

Luckily, internet sleuths have already found a way to fix the bug, albeit in a roundabout way. If you are experiencing a VAC error when launching CS2, try the following steps, courtesy of ThourCS.

  • Set Steam to Offline Mode. This can easily be done by hitting the "Steam" button in the application and clicking on "Go Offline..."

  • Close Steam.exe. Close the application and ensure all Steam processes have ceased by ending all Steam applications in the Task Manager. Either search in the Windows menu or hit CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to launch Task Manager.

  • Restart Steam as Admin. Searching Steam in the Windows menu, there should be multiple options, with "Run as Administrator" being one of them.

  • Set Steam back to Online. The same way you turned Steam offline, turn it back online.

  • Verify integrity of game files. Right-click Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in your Steam Library, go to "Properties", "Installed Files", and then "Verify Integrity of Game Files"

Now you should be all good to go to play Counter-Strike 2's Limited Test Build and avoid the VAC error! Happy gaming!

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