The new IGL is still finding his style

VINI on his IGL style: "It's a bit complex and I try to adapt to whatever is happening"

Imperial's IGL wants to go to playoffs, but admits that might be hard.

After more than a month without playing an official series, Imperial will return to the server tomorrow against fnatic to start their ESL Pro League Season 18 campaign.' Gonçalo "GoncOak" Carvalho talked with Vinicius "VINI" Figueiredo about his new role as IGL, how the new squad is getting along, and what to expect from Imperial during the event.

Imperial hasn't played an official map since Nuke against NiP in Cologne, where HEN1 lost that clutch. What have you guys been up to since then?

Basically, during this last month we have been practicing to expand our map. I believe we are more confident in more maps and we left Cologne very confident because of the HEN1 clutch in a 14-14 match that could have sent us even further. I think we are playing well as a team, now we just have to replicate that in the events.

The IEM Cologne play-in was also your first event as a team and your first event as an IGL. How's the experience been?

It's been great, I feel like it involves more extra work, I do not only have to focus on myself as a player but also I need to bring things to the table for the other players and the team in general.

Have you found your IGL style yet? You have worked with FalleN and arT, two very different IGLs, how do you classify your style?

I honestly don't know what is my style yet (laughs). Probably zakk will have a better answer to that question, but I think it's a default-oriented style mixed with more focus on tactics, It's a bit complex, and I try to adapt to whatever is happening, you know?

Speaking about zakk, I talked with him in Cologne and he told me that it was not easy for you to point out the errors your teammates make and that you need to be more stern. Do you agree with him? Why do you think it's hard for you to do that?

Yes. I believe it is because of my personality really. I have never been one to tell others what they need to do and things like that. But, when necessary, I have been able to improve in that sense. During the last month, we were together in the bootcamp, playing in a home, I think we have a lot more chemistry.

Where did you guys bootcamp?

Right here in Malta. Eleven days here, we Uber'd here to the hotel yesterday, so we don't feel any jet lag, we are fully rested and we are fully accustomed to the environment.

Your group features two teams that are expected to advance to the playoffs, FaZe and NAVI. Other than that, everything is possible for the remaining two spots. Do you believe Imperial has what it takes to reach the playoffs? Is that the team's main goal?

Of course that is our objective. From everyone in the group, FaZe and NAVI are obviously expected to be in the playoffs. I do believe that if we are able to win against fnatic, there's a world we can go through 2-0, actually, that is our main objective, try to go 2-0 to guarantee playoffs, but we know it's a long event, and we have three more chances if the 2-0 is not possible. We need to take advantage of that, and play the most games possible, and, as you said, we have M80, fnatic, 9z, and I think everyone on this level can win from each other.

With the wider release of the CS2 Limited Test, I have noticed that ropz has been playing a lot of CS2, and I always think to myself that they aren't practicing as much CS:GO as they used to. Do you think that, if you get through fnatic, and catch FaZe on the second series, do you think it's possible you win against them?

It is possible, but very hard. We also have been playing some CS2 as well, testing the new ranking system. I would not say it changes anything, for sure if ropz was playing CS2 he had previously played ten hours of CS:GO (laughs).

With FalleN's departure, the team does not have as much attention, at least in Brazil, and it seems that the organization's new direction is still yet to be discovered or is this just an impression I have and the organization has a well-defined path to follow?

I think it's a bit of both. The biggest part of the fanbase was FalleN's and wherever he goes they follow him but I believe we still receive a lot of love from the Brazilian community. What will really define Imperial is our performance. If we can have a good event here, of course, it will change the direction the organization will follow.

Where do you put Imperial in the ranking of Brazilian teams at the moment?

According to the results, I would put us in the top two. If we can get through to playoffs with a better record, we could see ourselves as #1. Too early to say yet. We, FURIA, and many BR teams have changed recently and we haven't had a match between us yet, so it's based only on who goes the furthest.

But do you feel that Imperial has the potential to be considered the best team in Brazil?

Yeah, we have the potential, but it will depend on the results. We believe we can win against FURIA, as I believe they think they can beat us. I think it will be a great semester for Brazilian Counter-Strike.

Your first game is against fnatic. They are coming from two straight losses against tier two European teams, what do you expect from fnatic tomorrow?

For sure we will be looking at their recent matches, but online is online and LAN is LAN. We know they will be more confident, not giving a shit about their recent results, because their real objective is Pro League.

Imperial are set to play tomorrow against fnatic at 01:30PM.

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