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Chaos in South American ESL Impact Season 4

A team has withdrawn and MIBR will field a stand-in, all thanks to last minute roster changes.

Just a week prior to the start of the regional stage of ESL Impact Season 4, the South American region is still going through a flurry of changes even after submitting rosters for the group stage.

W7M has completely withdrawn from the competition after adding two new players and not being able to field them during the tournament, MIBR will have to field a stand-in after losing Isadora "yodinha2k" Zago, and Mocreias are still looking for a fifth player.

Starting from the top, Mocreias is the free agents' team comprised of two former FURIA women's team players, Gabriela "bokor" Bokor and Mariana "mari" Preste, and Amanda "s1non" Paulino. At the time of the open qualifiers, the team also had Bruna "babs" Nycoly and they played with Luana "Arkynha" Archanjo as the fifth.

Since then, babs has been acquired by MIBR, who cut ties with yodinha2k. Given that babs played the qualifier with Mocreias, according to the ESL Impact rulebook, she can't play in this season of ESL Impact, with MIBR needing to field a stand-in for the entirety of the season. Because MIBR was invited to the group stage, yodinha2k hasn't played a single game this season yet, meaning she can represent any other team. With that, Mocreias, through bokor, have announced yodinha2k as their new player.

MIBR are yet to announce the stand-in but one they can't use is Arkynha, who has represented the team previously but has already played for Mocreias this season.

The W7M situation is similar. According to Dust2 Brasil, the team will be adding Josiane "josi" Izidorio and Letícia "Le" Lima, and removing two players. josi and Le have played (and qualified) with Ravens, meaning they can't play for W7M in the upcoming season. As the organization saw no point in participating without their two new addition, the team has forfeited its spot in the league, which has been filled by Kidisgraça after winning a replacement match.

With this, the list of teams for the upcoming South American ESL Impact season is:

  • Brazil B4 Demons - Looking for a new org, being signed by Fluxo according to Dust2 Brasil

  • Brazil FURIA fe

  • Brazil MIBR - Need to field a stand-in

  • Brazil Mocreias - Yet to announce fifth player

  • Cafeina

  • Brazil Ravens - Yet to announce fifth player

  • Brazil DIVINA Female

  • Brazil Kidisgraça - W7M replacement

ESL Impact Season 4 South America will start on the same day as the North American league, on the 13th of September.

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