Envy and their new roster have been invited to the Closed Qualifier for FLASHPOINT

eUnited, Envy, Swole Identity headline invite list for FLASHPOINT Closed Qualifier

The organizer has informed Dust2.us of the teams who have been invited to take part in the Closed Qualifier.

FLASHPOINT have distributed invites to eight teams from North America and eight from South America for their upcoming Closed Qualifier, set to run from February 14-16.

Although not all teams have confirmed their participation, the majority of invited sides are expected to participate in the qualifier given that the new league will be offering a $25,000 monthly stipend to any team that qualifies without the backing of an organization.

The organizer also drew favor with the community after announcing that they had revised their rules to allow players who had received VAC bans prior to February 5th, 2018, as well as those involved in the iBUYPOWER matchfixing bans, to compete in their league.

Notably, Triumph's roster currently remains unknown, with a handful of players having departed the team's ESEA roster over the past few days. Additionally, the invite that was sent to the Riot Squad roster was listed as "ex-Riot Squad", adding further credence to the sides parting ways after co-founder Anthony "zSwift" Saint was recently cut from the team's ESEA roster.

The eight invited sides from each region will be joined by an additional eight teams that work their way through one of the four open qualifiers. The Closed Qualifier will then see sixteen teams in each region battle through the bracket, awarding the top two rosters with spots at the global LAN qualifier in Los Angeles. 

The teams who have received invites to the North America Closed Qualifier are:

United States eUnited Envy
United States Swole Identity United States Chaos
United States Riot Squad United States Triumph
United States Mythic United States Rugratz

While the eight teams invited to compete in the South America Closed Qualifier are:

 Infinity Isurus
Brazil Sharks Brazil DETONA
Brazil W7M Brazil paiN
Brazil RED Canids Brazil BRAVOS

Other teams will look to earn qualification to the closed stage of the event through the open qualifiers over the coming week, with signup links and dates for both regions available on the Dust2.us Calendar.

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