Clarity and Brazen sign new squads as Season 33 looms

The two organizations have set off a cascade of changes as they look to find winning cores for next season.

With the holiday break right around the corner, a number of Advanced sides have made changes as they prepare for Season 33.

Following the departures of Paul "aris" Wilson and Adam "mada" Pampuch, Clarity have parted ways with the remainder of their roster and signed a new squad. Additionally, Canadian commentator/coach Keith "Seaside" LaFortune confirmed to he has also parted ways with Clarity and is "looking for a team to help" next season.

Featuring the core of Drawn to Fulfillment, this new roster also features aris and Blake "miniature" Gittins, who was left teamless following the departure of Jared "MAC-1" Schneider from Gorilla Gang.

As such, Clarity's new roster is:

  • United States Bilal "SPAMMER" Ali
  • Canada Edward "kber" Vaudry
  • United States Paul "aris" Wilson
  • United States Blake "miniature" Gittins
  • United States Alex "heaty" G.

Not to be left out, the former Clarity players have also found a new home, and will be playing under Brazen next season. Although Brazen are yet to make a formal announcement, has confirmed with the players that with Brennan "grape" Greer's father being the owner of Brazen, it is all but a done deal.

For now, Brazen's roster is:

  • United States Connor "chop" Sullivan
  • United States Brennan "grape" Greer
  • United States Sean "naes" Fontaine

Finally, due to Brazen signing ex-Clarity, the former Brazen players are now looking for a new home. After falling to Rebirth in Advanced playoffs, the team have largely split up, with Oliver "figment" Thompson and Troy "ara" Pollock staying together to hold onto the league spot. For now, the team have brought on former New England Whalers stand-in Marcos "tacitus" Castilho while they are currently still looking for two new players.

As a result, ex-Brazen's roster currently looks as follows:

  • United States Oliver "figment" Thompson
  • United States Troy "ara" Pollock
  • Brazil Marcos "tacitus" Castilho

As a reminder, ESEA Advanced Season 33 is set to begin next year on January 13th, leaving a little over three weeks for teams to build new rosters and pay their league fees.

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