CS2 Beta UPDATE: Changes to Weapon Wheel, Buy-Time Refunds

Fundamental changes to the way buy times and loadouts work have been introduced.

Valve have announced the latest update to the ongoing Counter-Strike 2 Beta, bringing a number of fascinating changes to how weapons are bought and sold in-game, introducing custom loadouts and the ability to refund items and weapons during buy periods.

In Valve's first tweet, it demonstrates a massive UI update, changing out the previous wheel loadout menu to a 5x3 grid. While this looks very nice and is in line with the new CS2 design aesthetic, the most important change is that with there being five slots for each tier is it opens up completely bespoke loadouts that fit player preferences. For example, if you want to equip the CZ-75 and the TEC-9, one could in theory give up the P250 slot to accomplish. Likewise, if a player doesn't plan on using the AUG, they can equip both M4s and then use them as situations call for it.

The other tweet demonstrates a feature originally from VALORANT where players can sell back equipment before rounds start. This will allow players to have more control over misclicks and respond to what their teammates buy or don't buy (you're a loser if you don't buy a defuser).

These newest changes continue to show Valve's philosophy of small changes to the winning formula of CS that will help freshen up the game when it launches this summer.

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