The state-of-the-art facility will be able to receive fans too

Liquid opens a new HQ in Brazil

The organization occupies the whole 13-level building.

Liquid announced the opening of a new Alienware Training Facility in São Paulo, Brazil earlier today. Just like it's counterparts in Los Angeles and the Netherlands, the its objective is to be the teams' headquarters in the region. Liquid has several rosters in Brazil, which include the organization's Brazilian squads from Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT, and Fortnite. The facility will be used to help those teams practice and, when the occasion arises, the non-BR rosters will also be welcome, such as the CS:GO squad.

In a tough moment for the esports industry, it's a good sign for Liquid fans to see the organization investing in a multi-million dollar facility in order to provide better conditions for its representatives.

Liquid claims the São Paulo headquarters as "the largest sports, administrative, and housing center of an esports organization in the world", and it will be home to the first ever Liquid's physical store.

The building is able to house more than 80 people, including players and staff, some of who will work there on a day-to-day basis. The dorms occupy five floors of the entire building, just like a small apartment complex, and share floors with a gym, a gaming area, a laundry, a performance lab, and a Pilates area. Above the dorms is the rooftop lounge are and the dining hall.

Below the dorms are three floors with training rooms, streamer pods, and a content creation studio, and the remaining four floors are filled with offices and meeting rooms. The ground floor is where the store is located alongside the reception of the building. Alienware being partners with the organization, is the main supplier of the technology in the building, as is Dell.

This new HQ aims to tighten the relationship between Liquid and the Brazilian community, as the country plays a big part in Liquid's global strategy.

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