EG White win first Cash Cup of new circuit

Davenport University lost in the finals.

In the first match of the new cash cup circuit, EG White dominated the bracket up until their close grand final encounter with Davenport University. EG White took down puggers in the semifinals while Davenport defeated fEaRtHeLaGG en route to the finals. The two went toe to toe, with Davenport taking the first map, but EG equalizing the series and eventually overtaking Davenport to take first prize.

For those who don't recall, the new Cash Cup circuit offers incentives beyond just cash at the end of the tournament. Teams will accrue points according to their placement, ranging from 150 points for first prize to just 5 points for 17th-32nd. At the end of eight cash cups, the teams with the most points will face off in playoffs, where the winner will receive a direct invitation to the IEM Fall Closed Qualifiers, as well as a large part of the $60,000 prize pool.

Narrowing our scope a little bit, the only cash to be delivered in this event is $4,000 for EG White and $1,000 for Davenport University. This gives each of them a head start in the competition for the IEM Fall Closed Qualifier invite slot.

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