Sometimes the trophy is the goal, but cheating won't get you far

Player banned during RMR qualifier for cheating

Gamers Club might just have some of the best anti-cheat in North America, apparently.

During Round of 16 for the first North American RMR Open Qualifier, pot/pawt was kicked from the server before the start of the match between Strife and FunMix. Many were confused why the player was removed as his profile stated that the user had their account blocked due to a violation of the Terms of use.

During the game, however, Gage "Infinite" Green and Bobby "stamina" Eitrem relayed that they heard from an admin that the player was banned for cheating.

Additionally, in the official Gamers Club NA RMR discord, asked if the user was actually banned for cheating, to which another admin confirmed that this was the case.

pot, who has played for the 3-6 Peeker's Advantage in ESEA Advanced this season, was removed from the roster after the ban was confirmed by Gamers Club. As of the time of writing, the user has also changed the name on their ESEA profile to "Cheater and Roid user".

After the ban, pot went live on his Twitch channel where he was playing FPL pugs with several members of the FunMix team.

Several people have commented on the issue, including Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo who said, "There's a little problem. The pursuit of victory at the cost of integrity is not the way. Sometimes we really want something, but cheating is deceiving yourself, sooner or later. Momentary satisfaction. Don't fall for it - you still throw away your real chance to evolve in what you like." has reached out to ESEA to ask if they will investigate the player further for cheating given his ban on Gamers Club who were unable to confirm at this time if the player was under investigation for cheating.

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February 15, 2023 03:45PM
wow fallen even tweeted about it
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February 15, 2023 03:48PM
Kinda insane tbh
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February 15, 2023 03:49PM
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