Chimkin close the flock

The squad is now ready to go back to winning ways in ESEA Open and to start season 3 of ESL Impact.

Former Valkyries IGL, Andrea "Andrea" Bracewell, has joined the squad that has taken the Women's North American scene by storm. Only three days after announcing the team was looking for a fifth player, Chimkin has found the last hen of the flock in Valhalla.

Before having lost Casey "chigen", Chimkin were boasting a 6-0 record on ESEA Open. Since then, the squad has been playing with a stand-in and losing three of the last four games.

Andrea left Valkyries on February 4th and immediately announced that she was looking for a team for the upcoming ESL Impact season. A few days later, she joined Chimkin, alongside Austin "mesamiduck" Dardar. The former Third Impact and Brazen player has joined the squad to fill the coaching role. At the moment, mesamiduck has been playing in ESEA Intermediate with Star Academy.

After showing incredible potential during ESL Impact Cash Cups, Chimkin are hoping to continue dominating the women's scene on ESL Impact Season 3, which starts with the open qualifier on February 17th. If you have a women's team, you can sign up here.

Chimkin are now:

  • Canada Julie "Bouchard" Bouchard

  • Canada Joanne "sapphire" Tan

  • United States Megan "Kionetta" Kirkland

  • United States CJ "Chowdzz" Johnson

  • United States Andrea "Andrea" Bracewell

  • United States Austin "mesamiduck" Dardar (Coach)

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