Valkyries disband

This news comes one month after Please Send Bocks also disbanded.

Three days after Andrea "Andrea" Bracewell and Lindsey "Blender" Houchin announced they were stepping down from the Valkyries roster, the official Twitter account of the team broke the news that the team would be disbanding altogether.

This is another loss to the North American women's scene, as earlier in the year the Please Send Bocks squad was also dissolved. Both teams were prominent names in the ESL Impact circuit.

One week after Please Send Bocks disbanded, Valkyries announced Vanessa "Vanessa" Gideon and Abby "abby" as the new additions that came from the Bocks squad.

That version of the Valkyries squad only played one ESL Impact Cash Cup together, eventually losing to the winners of that iteration of the competition. Since then, the team has been in the shadows.

The only player that has come out looking for a team is Andrea, as the rest has been silent still. Blender cited a lack of time to justify her stepping away from competitive CS.

The qualifiers for ESL Impact Season 3 are right around the corner, starting on February 17th. Here's hoping the players find a new home for the new season. Sign-ups for the first qualifier can be found here.

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