EliGE looks on to their next matchup versus Spirit

Liquid unable to secure playoffs versus NAVI

Natus Vincere have secured a playoffs spot in the Spodek.

Unfortunately, in the Group A upper-bracket semifinal at IEM Katowice, Liquid were unable to best their opponent in Natus Vincere and have been sent down to the lower bracket. NAVI on the other hand move to the upper-bracket final and have secured at least a quarterfinal seed for the Spodek playoffs.

Starting on NAVI's pick of Inferno, where Liquid chose to start on the CT-side, things got off to a rough start for the American side. Losing the pistol and the following two rounds, Liquid were placed on the back foot. Only able to secure two rounds thereafter, they allowed NAVI to take claim all but the last remaining rounds of the half with a 12:3 scoreline.

Switching side, Liquid were able to pick up the T-side pistol and following but that was unfortunately the end of the road for them on Inferno. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and co. stepped up to another level and closed out the map 16-5, with no further rounds for the Americans.

Opening their pick on the T-side, Liquid blasted off with five consecutive rounds before NAVI pushed back with six of their own. Closing out the half, Liquid were able to run back four more T-side rounds for a 9:6 half-time scoreline. However, once back on the CT-side Liquid went back into a struggling form. Only claiming six rounds and almost losing the map 16:14, Liquid were able to keep the map alive and send it into overtime.

Moving into overtime, Liquid were able to open with two CT-rounds, going up to 17:16 after the first three rounds. However, switching sides, they were unable to secure a single T-side round and the map ended 19:17 in favor of NAVI. The Eastern European side secure the series 2-0 and move forward to face G2 on Tuesday.

Liquid now fall to the Group A lower bracket where they will face Spirit tomorrow at 01:30PM.

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